Stock Management (Items and Kits)

VAT, Customer and Multi Tiers Taxation

Sale Register & Transactions Logging

Quotation and Invoicing

Expenses Logging

Receipt and Invoice Printing/Emailing

Barcode Generation and Printing

Suppliers and Customers Database

Multiuser with Permission Control

Reporting on Sales, Expenses, and Inventory

Receivings of Products


Rewards System & Loyalty Programs

Restaurant Tables & Delivery Orders

Messaging (SMS)


Selectable Boostrap based UI Theme

Mailchimp Integration

reCAPTCHA to Protect Login Page

GDPR Ready


A demo version of the latest master version can be found on our Demo server. This is a containerized install which will be reinitialized when new functionality is added to the code repository.

LOGIN using

  • username: admin
  • password: pointofsale

Beside this we also have a Dev server that runs the build that was triggered with the last repository's commit.

In case of any issues, check our status page at status.opensourcepos.org to confirm whether there is a sever outage.