We’re delighted to announce a new release with new features and bug fixes.

Please read below for more details.


Version 3.3.0

  • New logo
  • Code Igniter 3.1.11 upgrade
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • Attributes feature (allows extensibility of Items replacing old custom fields)
  • India GST Tax support + various Tax support improvements
  • Cashup feature
  • Temporary items feature
  • Fixed Sales Discount
  • Supplier category feature
  • Improved Items import and csv file generation (to contain additional attributes)
  • Improved Docker installation with nginx reverse proxy using Let’s encrypt TLS certificate
  • Database performance improvements
  • Added and Updated translations
  • Fixed various reports issues
  • Fixed rounding issues
  • Fixed CSRF issues
  • Fixed database upgrade script issues
  • Various bug fixes

For this release we would like to thank all the contributors for the continuous effort to keep the project moving forward. Keep up the good work! You know who you are.


Open Source Point of Sale Admins

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