Today we’re delighted to announce a new release with new features and bug fixes. Please read below for more details.

Please use the file in attachment for a full installation.


Version 3.3.6

  • Translation updates (Hungarian, Indonesian, Bosnian, Ukranian, Vietnamese, Spanish)
  • Several CSRF and XSS fixes
  • Hardening against XSS by introducing a CSP header in the HTTP headers
  • Fixes for the payment summary after refresh
  • Make footer revision clickable (ref to github)
  • reCaptcha issue fix
  • Type juggling password fix for old logins
  • Clickjacking security mitigations
  • Minor reporting adjustments
  • Username verification bugfix
  • Introduced new global keyboard shortcuts (see overview below)
    ESC     Cancels Current Quote/Invoice/Sale
    ALT + 1         Item Search
    ALT + 2         Customer Search
    ALT + 3         Suspend Current Sale
    ALT + 4         Show Suspended Sales
    ALT + 5         Edit Amount Tendered
    ALT + 6         Add Payment
    ALT + 7         Add Payment and Complete Invoice/Sale
    ALT + 8         Finish Quote/Invoice without payment
    ALT + 9         Open Shortcuts Window

    F11 Full Screen mode
    CTRL + Zoom in
    CTRL - Zoom out
    CTRL 0 Reset Zoom

    CTRL P Print out current page
    CTRL F Search reports tables

For this release we would like to thank all the contributors for the continuous effort to keep the project moving forward. Keep up the good work! You know who you are.

Download v3.3.6

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