Item Attributes Under Development


  • ‘Custom’ fields and all involved ugliness was removed from the config section
  • Item attributes can be created / edited through the attributes module in the backoffice
  • ‘Groups’ of attributes can be defined. This serves as an easy way to add multiple attributes to an item when creating or updating it. For eg. in my case for running shoes we have both color and size that can be linked to the ‘Shoes’ Group attribute definition
  • Two levels of attribute visibility, being ‘sales’ and ‘receivings’. This means that the values for those attribute definitions will be visible in the respective receipts
  • Three ‘types’ of attribute definitions
  • DATE: Renders the field in the item dialogue using a datepicker, and saves the values accordingly. Useful for saving ‘expiry dates’ on items or the like
  • DROPDOWN: Choose from a fixed set of values which you define in the attributes module. Rendered using a select box
  • TEXT: Just add some free text as an attribute value. This control is rendered using autocomplete widget and will optimally reuse existing database entries
  • Attribute ‘values’ are searchable through the existing attribute search flag in items screen. This should work as before with custom fields
  • Did some minor refactoring / cleanup here and there, mostly around the datepicker widget and table management

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